General Information

The Forum Prävention is held in German. There will be two sessions (studio 1; studio 2). The sessions streamed in studio 1 will be translated into English. The sessions in studio 2 are held in German only!


Conference documentation – online as download

All contributions will be available to participants as downloads on a secure website, subject to the consent of the presenters and their declaration that they hold the respective rights of use.


Confirmation of participation

Participants will receive confirmation of participation in the Forum Prävention conference by email after the event.


Photo and film documentation of the event

By participating, the participant gives his/her consent to the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA) to make or have made commercial image and video recordings of the event and to use them for current and future marketing purposes. The recording of presentations of any kind (video, audio, photo) and the distribution of the material is prohibited.

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